Calorie Burning Exercises

For the past few decades fitness was gaining more and more popularity, and as it happens with most of the popular things there are thousands of different opinions on fitness topics.

There are different medical approaches and views on diets, calorie burning exercises, workouts and lifestyles, truth to be told some of them have something in common, some of them don’t.

There is no doubt that exercising is not the only thing you need to concentrate on in order to become fit. A healthy and balanced diet is a key to your success, and we really hope that you will find a great diet, suitable for your lifestyle.

What we want to talk about in this article are calorie burning exercises that would help you get rid of that belly.

There is a common mistake made by amateurs and people who watch television too much, that in order to burn more calories you need to perform cardio exercises and nothing more. True, but not totally.

You see, by performing any exercises your body is will consume what is more available to it at the point of time. And that would be sugar, and not fat. Simply speaking, sugar is contained in blood, which is everywhere in your body, and during an intense workout, you would tell your body to use the closest available source of energy. Only when the sugar source is gone your body will switch to its fats.

So in order for your calorie burning exercises to work, you need to perform them when they are most effective. Start with 5-10 minutes warm up, which could be a treadmill or bicycle, keep your pace at medium and switch to low pace time to time. Then it is best to switch to 30 minutes of weights and only after that get back to intense cardio for 20-30 minutes.

That way you will “wake up” your body, then burn the sugar in your blood and switch to body fats, only then your cardio exercises become truly calorie burning exercises.

As for kettlebells, we are often asked the same question; can kettlebell exercises be efficient in burning your body fats? Our answer is YES! Some kettlebell exercises are very high-paced which makes them closer to cardio than any other exercise. That means that both, your muscles and your heart are loaded when performing them. So if you are looking for efficient calorie burning exercises here is our tip. Try doing some basic weight exercises at the beginning of your training and then switch to kettlebell front squats and various kettlebell swings. It is definitely the best way to combine cardio and muscular workout and it is a great way to lose the flab!

As a conclusion we would like to point out that there are no specific fat burning exercises out there, it is how you plan your training. So good luck and stay fit!