A Man’s Guide to Testosterone and Weight Loss

The balance between testosterone regulation and weight loss is a question of balance. This is not just a questioned posed to the over 40’s either, but anyone interested in keeping in shape while maintaining a high T concentration.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand that the way testosterone functions in women is very different than the way it works in men. For this reason, the advice found here is directed only to the male demographic.

Testosterone and Weight Loss

In your average guy, having the right amount of testosterone is an upper hand in the fight against excessive weight. As you may imagine this is a particularly important point for men over 40, but the truth is that low-T can begin in the early 20’s and reach fruition at 40. Testosterone is an important hormone for the regulation of insulin and the construction of muscle mass; it also keeps the metabolism optimal, provides a sense of well-being and delivers many other benefits to the health and life.

Testosterone and regular exercise create a healthy cycle of increased T, which results in easier weight management and higher energy levels. By the same measure, low T and obesity can produce a negative cycle that can be tough to break.

Obesity interrupts the production of testosterone then lower testosterone levels make the metabolism slow which in turn leads to the body storing greater amounts of fat. Low Testosterone can also result in insulin-resistance, which makes it harder for the metabolism to utilize carbs as energy. This means that all the carbs consumed will be sent directly to the fat storage sections. Low testosterone can also affect the metabolism in many other ways that make weight loss even harder.

The solution is to begin losing weight, and this will increase testosterone. But, this can start only after the vicious cycles of weight gain and low T have been broken. Establishing your brand of healthy living that increases production of testosterone while setting yourself on the path to better health is the way to begin. Another solution is to increase testosterone by using the best testosterone booster for weight loss which will help you  burn fat by increasing your testosterone levels. A good product for doing this is this great testosterone booster. Definitely give it a try to see if it will work for you.

Before you can begin this, there are some important things to consider into your planning:

No. 1 — Restrictive diets can diminish Testosterone

Most diets are all about eating a lot of this and avoiding a lot of that. Aside from avoiding unhealthy processed foods, eating in extremes and other unhealthy eating habits, you need to be eating as much as you want of what you like and keep these eating habits regular.

Unhealthy eating patterns can cause the body to assume food rations are low and this means there won’t be enough if populations increase. The body’s natural response is to lower your testosterone and sex drive. But there is a simple solution to the.

“Diet?” the very word has a restrictive quality to it. Think of your new eating habits as a feast for health and testosterone. Eat as much as you can of healthy foods, remembering the best medications for all your ailments are in the foods you eat. Eat as much healthy food as you’d like and know when to quit. This is the best way to tell your body that times are good and testosterone levels can rise.

Just don’t expect this to happen all at once. If you aren’t sure what a healthy diet plan looks like for you specifically, get more information from a reputable nutritionist.

Weight Loss Reduces Testosterone

Well, isn’t that a kick in the shins? You need to lose weight to begin increasing testosterone production, but losing weight and any energy deficit, will also decrease testosterone. Yup, it is a catch 22, but the thing to remember is that these conditions are built after prolonged negligence and only determined effort and a positive attitude will remedy the situation.

The solution will lie in choosing those exercises that feature the lowest loss of lean muscle mass when working off the stored fats. Resistance training is an example of such an activity.

Stress Reduces Testosterone

The mind is the biggest muscle and keeping a clear head, and positive attitude will be essential in gaining the results you are hoping for in your life. Terms like “dieting” and “weight-loss” carry with them high levels of guilt, stress, and anxiety over the present past and futures. When brooding, the body releases cortisol, the body’s action, and aggression juice. This is great if you see danger and need to act fast, but it is no way to live. Unfortunately, the quest for better health is strewn with stressing landmines.

The solution is to take action against stress and anxiety. Go on the offense and counter feelings of hopelessness and discouragement with mantras of determination and power. Treat yourself to an extra hour of sleep if you need it and make sure your sleep patterns are regular and sacred.

Finally, begin eliminating the big stressors in your life by changing your approach to work, family and unpleasant responsibilities.

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